Wolverine’s superhero identity revealed to be Hugh Jackman

Wolverine gets unmasked. Attribution: Grant Brummett (Creative Commons)

32927D3A00000578-3510331-image-a-69_1458987593081Wolverine shocked onlookers at Bondi Beach today, when he morphed into his superhero identity, Hugh Jackman, to rescue his son Oscar and other swimmers from a rip at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

A video has come to light which shows the exact moment that Wolverine ditches his claws, strips down to his board shorts, braces his pecs for action, and jumps into the rough seas as unmasked crusader, Hugh Jackman.

“It was incredible. The current was so strong, but I managed to grab onto Hugh’s chiselled cheekbones and he winched me in to safety,” said 35 year old Sydneysider, Hugh Swell.

Canadian tourist, Tess Tickles, said the day’s events were like something out of a movie: “I love hair and claws as much as the next woman, but when he put on that rash vest, covered the bridge of his nose in thick white Zinc, and ran into the water Baywatch-style, that’s when my inner she-wolf really started to howl.”

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